Ready to shoot package

Ready to shoot package

Red Komodo Body (311 hours)

Tilta Komodo Cage w/15 mm bottom rod base

Red Card Reader

3x- 512gb Angelbird CF cards

Small HD Focus Pro OLED control monitor

Wooden Camera Zip Box double matte box

2x- Gold Mount batter backs (Core SWX and Tilta)

- Core back has 1x 2pin out, 1x Tap

- Title has 2x 2pin outs, 1x Ptap

1x- Canon EF mount clean

1x- Canon EF mount with variable ND

1x- Vizelex PL mount with variable ND

4x Anton Bauer Titon Micro batteries 45w

1- AB charger


2x- 3’ BNC

1x- 2’- 2pin power

1x- 2’ Small HD control cable

1x- 2’ Komodo EXT cable

1x- 10’ Ptap to Komodo power

Comes with Pelican 1510 with trek-pak dividers.

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